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Bed Edges and Borders

Bed Edges and Borders with Mulch Masters 

Our professional, machine-cut edging precedes most mulch installations, whether we are creating a new garden bed design or providing maintenance to existing beds. We will leave you with perfect bed edges and borders. 

We can cut in bed edges to a 3- or 6-inch depth or, more simply, just touch up existing bed lines. We can compass edges around trees for added symmetry or to create a bold focal point to your landscape. To schedule your appointment with Mulch Masters, please call 410-529-6200 or visit the Contact Mulch Masters Page

4-Inch Edges with Mulch Masters 

The installation crews at Mulch Masters can machine-cut 3-inch deep bed lines with our specialized equipment. In addition to saving time and money compared to 4-inch edges, cutting in beds at this depth helps to avoid irrigation lines or shallow wiring lay beneath some properties. With some routine care and maintenance, your bed lines can stay sharp for several seasons or more!

6-Inch Edges with Mulch Masters 

Mulch Masters can provide precise, machine-cut edges to produce a very well defined bed line. Our 6-inch deep edge creates a very dramatic and distinct border from turf areas for new or existing beds. We carefully prepare and grade the perimeter areas so that the deep cut will contribute to absolutely stunning lines. That also helps to extend the longevity of mulched beds.

Compass Cut Circles with Mulch Masters 

Our crews typically “compass cut” tree circles to ensure a neat and symmetrical tree ring. Available space can limit the use of compass cutting, but when properly done it can help make your trees the beautiful focal points in your landscape that they were often meant to be.

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