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Welcome to Mulch Masters

Based in Kingsville, Md., we have been providing mulch installation and landscape maintenance services to Baltimore County and Harford County since 1997. We specialize in renewing existing landscapes with passion and attention to detail unparalleled in the industry.

Harry, the owner of Mulch Masters, saw a major void in the local landscape industry. There seemed to be no shortage of landscapers and lawn cutters that could spread a little mulch when needed, but none of them specialized in the art of mulching. 

So began Mulch Masters!

Mulch Masters: Services We Offer

Mulch Installation

 Professional mulch installation is like spreading icing on the cake and nothing makes a landscape look more beautiful than fresh mulch! With over 20 years of experience, we know exactly what to look for and what needs to be done in order to provide you with the finest installation possible. To learn more about our mulch installation services please visit the Mulch Masters Mulch Installation Page.

Bed Edges

 Our professional machine cut edges preceedes most mulch installations, whether we are creating a new garden bed design or providing maintenance to existing beds. We make sure to leave you with perfect bed edges and borders. We can cut in bed edges to 3″ or 6″ depth, or more simply, just touch up existing bed lines. To learn more about our bed edges please visit the Mulch Masters Bed Edges and Borders Page.


The landscape crews at Mulch Masters are experts when it comes to trimming shrubs. We have experience in all kinds of shrub trimming, from azaleas to boxwoods to lilacs and more. We will complete any necessary shrub trimming and debris before any mulch installation. To learn more about our professional trimming services please visit the Mulch Masters Trimming Services Page.

Garden Bed Design

Create new garden bed designs or reshaping existing garden beds is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. The landscape experts at Mulch Masters can work with you to create the landscape of your dreams. We can create garden beds that help prevent erosion and allow for proper drainage. To learn more about our Garden Bed Design Services please visit the Mulch Masters Garden Bed Design Page.

Weed Control

Mulch Masters offers two different types of weed control services to help keep your beds as weed free as possible. Choose from our non-selective weed control program or our selective weed control program to keep your gardens weed free and the envy on the neighborhood. To learn more about our weed control program please visit the Mulch Masters Weed Control Page.

General Maintenance

In addition to providing expert mulch installation, Mulch Masters provides customers with general landscape maintenance services such as pre-emergence herbicide applications, post-emergent herbicide programs, and seasonal trimming services. To learn more about our general maintenance program please visit the Mulch Masters General Maintenance Service Page.

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