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About Mulch Masters

We all know our beds need mulch. It looks nice, keeps weeds down, and conserves moisture, among other benefits.

For some beds, all they may need is just a few bags that you spread one afternoon. But if you’re reading this page, more than likely your landscape requires more effort than that.

  • Perhaps you’re here because you’re tired of the mulch pile in your driveway for half the summer.
  • Perhaps you have better things to do with a beautiful spring, summer or fall weekend.
  • Maybe with all the trimming, edge cutting and weeding that needs to be done, you just don’t have the knowledge, time, tools or energy to do it all.
  • Perhaps you’ve had enough of devoting all of the time and energy to a project that, in the past, has yielded very short-lived results as the weeds take over the bed, and the mulch fades and washes away just a few days after you’re done.

Why Customers Choose Mulch Masters

Nobody in the landscape industry is devoted to this, this niche that is the single most important part of making and keeping a landscaping looking beautiful.

Nobody in the industry has devoted all of its resources, equipment, training, and dedication to making residential landscapes look amazing!

Nobody is as focused as we are on providing you with a beautiful landscape and keeping it looking that way for as long as possible.

We have perfected our craft with 20 years of experience.

That’s two decades of building on a foundation of repeat business, because once we’ve serviced your property, you’ll never want to do it yourself or have anyone else do it again.