Weed Control

Mulch Masters Weed Control Program


The first step in any weed control program in beds is a sufficient layer of mulch, 2-3 inches is the recommended depth.  Mulch acts as a physical barrier to emerging seedlings and prevents sunlight from reaching the soil surface which is critical to begin photosynthesis.  Though mulch is very beneficial, it will not hold back all weed infestations.  It is important to use mulch in conjunction with preemergence and post-emergent herbicides for the best results.

Preemergent Herbicides:

These are weed preventers that work by forming a barrier in the upper ½ to 1 inch of soil or mulch where most seeds germinate and kill weeds as they attempt to emerge.  Although applications should be applied just prior to the height of germination of most weeds (late winter to early spring then again in late summer to early fall) there are varieties of weeds that germinate throughout the year so that any application contributes to weed management.

Postemergent Herbicides.

There are two types used.  We rely on both selective and non-selective products to keep your beds as weed free as possible.  The differences are as follows…


    Non-Selective:  Most everyone is familiar with Round-Up, the most well known of the non-selective herbicides. These products do not discriminate between flowers, shrubs or weeds and kill most (not all) vegetation.  We use a very similar product, which is very carefully and sparingly applied to spot treat weeds and grasses in beds.  We take extra care and use techniques to minimize the possibility of damaging desirable plants when using non-selective products.

    Selective:  As the name implies, this category of herbicides targets specific weeds and are formulated to not injure or kill other plants.  There are a variety of products in our arsenal that we can utilize to solve some of the most difficult weed problems in beds such as having thistle grow through shrubs or have Bermuda or crabgrass growing in, or tangled through bushes.  We rely on a variety of selective herbicides for specific weed problems.